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Hey, I’m Den

I’m the author of Fit As F*ck – A Principled Approach to Transforming your Body and Maximizing your Life. On this site, I share ideas for fine-tuning every part of your life. If something sounds good, try it. If not, dismiss it. Don’t be my follower. Be a thinker.
Be Strong.
Live Long.
Look Awesome.


Your dream life is already here.
All you need to do is close the gap between where you are and where you wish to be.
My workshops will help you to do just that.
Look Awesome. Be Strong. Live Long.


Read my book.
Change your life.

Nearly 3 years ago, I set out to collect everything I could find about building a lean, strong, and healthy body that lasts a lifetime. The result of this effort – my 285 page course book on health and fitness, aptly named Fit As F*ck.
The book covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about getting fit on your own terms, eating the foods you love and doing exercises that make sense. You’ll discover many of the secrets the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know – information that will save you untold amounts of time, money, and wasted effort. It will save you from bullshit and it will save you from yourself.
This shit’s so good, I just got me copy! But hey, don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.

Discover the keys that Unlock Your Potential