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Alright, so, you must be thinking “Wait a second here…Why the F would I want to pay to subscribe to some website?”

I’m thinking the same thing, dammit. So here’s the dealio:

The words on your screen were written with the intention of making a positive difference in your life. They’re not designed to sell anything or to get me more buyers for ad space. There’s no ulterior motive here. The only motive is you.

Behind these words is a real person, who’s made it his mission to research, process and share this valuable intel. Yes, little ol’ me.

As an independent writer, I’m not tied to anyone’s agenda. I don’t have to please advertisers, bias my content in favor of sponsors, or generally give a flying fuck about fuck.

Except the truth, that is.

I do what I do because I realize we’re facing some very serious enemies. The days of old-school advertising and direct sales are long gone. Businesses are more clever than ever. Commercially Biased Info is the new weapon of choice and the uninitiated don’t stand a chance.


Commercially Biased Information (CBI) is the marketing industry’s secret weapon – a force that programs our minds, alters behavior, and does it all without us ever knowing it happened.

It’s stealthy, effective, and worst of all – IT IS EVERYWHERE.

Take magazines for example. What many people don’t realize is that every time they buy a magazine, they’re shelling out for a slick and calculated booklet of ads. Sure, these flip-through billboards can be a fun read, but they’re not just there for your pleasure.

In fact, they’re designed to do one thing. And that is – TO SELL PRODUCTS. Because the real customers of the magazine company are not the readers, but rather the advertisers who buy ad space.

The publishers please their corporate clients by making sure readers LIKE YOU keep buying the advertised stuff. And fortunately for them, they have a real big advantage.

See, you like the magazine. You trust the magazine. It has the pretty, pretty pictures of your favorite celebrity idols.

It gave you the list of the healthiest snack foods to eat.

In great detail, it instructed you about sex positions that burn more calories than that workout you hate.

And it even helped you get over your fears and ask your crush from yoga class out on a date.

The magazine is your friend. You’ve got history. And with every issue, your commitment deepens and your relationship grows.

Without you even realizing it, a magazine can create a relationship with you, build credibility, and then use that credibility for the benefit of its advertisers.

It’s a clever mind game that bypasses our filters and gets us to do/buy/think things that are not necessarily in our best interests.

And this happens with websites, and YouTube videos, and social media, and even many of the books you pick up from the shelf.

When you read these materials, you’re volunteering your time to either:


That’s where independent writers like me come in.

As you see, there are no ads on this website.

I don’t sell any supplements.

And I’m not trying to get you to join a cult.

In fact, this website is called Comrade for a reason.

Comrade stems from the French word camarade, meaning close companion or ally. And that’s what I strive to be for my readers. How? By sharing objective information with no ulterior motives.


Since I don’t sell supplements and I don’t profit from ads, how in the world can I survive? Do I have a trust fund? A rich dad? Do I live in a tent?

Well, it just so happens that I rely on my good readers, such as yourself, who value my work enough to support it. Who value it enough to help the guy behind it get a bite to eat and to keep the lights on in this bitch (a.k.a. my humble abode).

For the price of a nice coffee (I’m talking that good Chemex straight from some Ethiopian grandfather), you get access to all the juicy member-content, including my 285-page book Fit As F*ck, and I get to keep bringing you more valuable stuff.

You see, there really are only 3 TYPES OF CONTENT:

  • Informercials: one non-stop sales pitch
  • Free content: potentially useful information, blended with sales pitches
  • Premium content: useful information, with no interruptions (like this site)

You just have to decide which type you’re into. 


Lots of valuable content to help you achieve greatness and fine-tune your life, including:

The full 285-page book Fit As F*ck, delivered in PDF format – $49 value My book covers the first fundamental of the good life – a strong, lean, and healthy body. Discover the foods to eat, the principles of exercise, and powerful tools that can revolutionize your life.

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Monthly webinars on some of life’s most important topics. You can tune in live or watch the recordings at any time you like. Some webinars will be practical, others will be philosophical. For instance:

Cooking Mastery – Learn how to equip your kitchen and cook delicious meals in record time.
Goal Setting Workshop – A practical seminar on setting goals and achieving your dreams. We’ll cover some finer points that can help alter the entire direction of your life.
Lifestyle Design  – Whether your dream is to live on a remote island, own your own business, or dominate your career, discover the steps to take to transform your vision into reality.
Financial Independence – Go from pennies to riches. From nothing to fortune. No-nonsense advice on creating a liberating financial plan.
Keys to Unstoppable Self-Confidence – Where does self-confidence come from? It comes from understanding and applying a few simple concepts. Learn about them and your life will explode into change.

Q and A Sessions – As a paying subscriber you get to ask me questions. Every few months I’ll put the best questions up for a vote and will make a video/written response to the most requested ones.

Priority sign-ups – members get first dibs on my seminars and retreats.

One of these days I’ll buy one member a mojito – It may be on an exotic island. I may even cover the airfare.

There you have it. All the content I’ve put together with one goal in mind – to help make a positive difference in your life. Not to sell ad space. Not to peddle supplements. And certainly not to waste your damn time.

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